Android Tutorial: Create First Android App in Android Studio

In this tutorial we are going to create our first android app in android studio.


1. Open Android Studio then click on File then new and then on New Project.

  • Enter Application name and then click  next.

New Project in Android Studio

2. Choose the android devices for which you are creating the android app.
  • Select phone and Tablet.
  • Choose the SDK you will be using for your android app. The lower API level you choose the higher number of devices your app will run on but choosing a lower API level you app will have fewer features.  
  • Click Next
    Android studio select target devices window for new app
 3.After Choosing the API level a new window will appear. Now choose basic activity from the activities and click next and then click finish.
Android studio add an activity window when creating a new app
Now your new project is created.

In Android there are two main types of files.
  • .java and
  • .xml
.java files contains the java codes and xml files contains the xml code. XML is used to design the layout of the android app.

By default a basic android activity contains a TextView with the text Hello World. We will discuss later what is TextView or what is activity. But right now just learn the basics of Android studio. 

To run the app
  • click on the run icon or press Ctrl+F10.
  • choose the device you are going to run your app on and click ok.

Congratulations you just created your first android app in android studio.
HelloWorld app created in android studio running in emulator
If you don't see your device in the connected devices list or if you want to run and test your apps on a real android devices or on an emulator that doesn't have plugin for android studio then see this tutorial.

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