How to run android stduio app on real android device

How to run android app on real device on emulator.
Some android emulators don't have plugins for android studio and to run your apps on those emulators or real android devices you have to enable USB debugging.
here are the steps to enable USB debugging on a real device or android emulator.

  •  Go to settings, then go to about phone.
  • In about phone tap the build number 8 times and then developer options will be enabled.
  • Now go back to settings and you will see developer options.
  • Open developer options and enable USB debugging.
  • Android developer options
  •  Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable or if you want to run your app on android emulator then open the emulator.
  • Now when you click the run icon or press Ctrl+F10 in android studio you will see your device in connected devices. 
  • Select your device and click OK and the app will run on your device.
So this was all about how to run android app on a real android devices.